City of Rock figures prove the event’s grandeur

Rio de Janeiro, September 16, 2013 – Rock in Rio proves its popularity among the Brazilian audience. After tickets sold out in just 4h04, an absolute sale record, and 2.5 million were left unable to buy tickets online, the festival’s organizers are reporting new results from the largest music and entertainment event in the world, now focusing on the festival’s first three days (September 13, 14 and 15). According to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE Inteligência), Rock in Rio scored an average 8.89 and was approved by its most demanding reviewers, the audience. The number is one tenth higher than in 2011, when the event returned to Brazil after not having been held for 10 years.

Data also show that 88% of those interviewed promised to come back to the festival again in 2015. Additionally, 77% of the people attending the 2011 iteration and now this one have said the event is even better.

Roberto Medina believes the figures prove the Brazilians’ love for the Rock in Rio brand, a product made 100% in Brazil. This scenario is the product of work carried out with great love and dedication by a hustling team. We work to build dreams and make them come true. Not the audience’s dreams alone but of all of us involved as well,” ensured Medina, who this year turned the Sunset stage into a giant with performances by Brazilian and international headliners and brought new features, such as the Rock Street inspired by Great Britain and Ireland, besides the new Street Dance stage.

 An absolute hit also on social media

The Rock in Rio brand grows exponentially on social media every day. All of the festival’s official channels added up give a total number of 9,986,158 followers.

The volume of followers is so massive that were its currently 2,834,242-strong Facebook fanpage, for instance, a city in Brazil, that is, if each follower represented an inhabitant, it would be larger than: Vitória (348,265 people), Florianópolis (453,281), Porto Alegre (1,467,823), Belo Horizonte (2,479,175) and Fortaleza (2,551,805).

On Twitter, the event has amassed nearly 1.4 million followers. Every day, the medium sees an average 54, retweets. That means that in case every RT were equivalent to 1 cm (0.4 in), Rock in Rio’s Twitter would stand no shorter than 7.7 Empire State Buildings. It is no different on Instagram – 61,489 fans. Were every Like equivalent to 1 cm, we would have 5.7 London Eyes. O Google+ features 1,156,848 users.

The festival’s official website alone was accessed by 2 million unique visitors over those three days of the event.

First weekend’s numbers show it is no accident that Rock in Rio is the world’s largest music and entertainment festival 

The festival’s grandeur also lies in the numbers it brings to its sponsors, supporters and suppliers. On the 13th, 14th and 15th alone, the City of Rock sold: 240,000 liters (63,401 gallons) of Heineken draft beer; 190,000 300ml (10.14 oz.) bottles of Cristal water; 4 metric tons of French fries (Batata no Cone); 60,000 cheese puffs; (Casa do Pão de Queijo); 24.350 Domino’s pizzas, and 12,000 Genial hot dogs.
Expansion to other platforms 

Rock in Rio’s debut on the games platform, based on the partnership with the popular Angry Birds, tallied 5 million people playing after just 6 days online. They managed a feat to boot: they hit 50 million piggies. The number, surprising according to Angry Birds, bolsters the Rock in Rio brand’s dissemination power in the market.